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Are we now outcasts of society Wednesday, Mar 7 2007 

I don`t know about other people incurring protracted withdrawal but i feel like a total freak of nature,thanks to the lack of understanding and validation from the so called Health Care profession.GSK deny us any validation of the harm they have caused us purely to protect themselves and their profits,so where does that leave us when people just don`t understand the brain injury we have had inflicted on us with their defective drug?.

If not experiencing withdrawal myself,i would indeed believe this could only happen in a horror movie,if i had not shared my experience with other sufferers i really wouldn`t believe one drug could cause me so much mental and physical torture for 30 long months after stopping the poison.

The word is getting out now thanks to sufferers that are fighting this big injustice, people are no longer putting up with the lies GSK and doctors are telling us, but why do we have to fight to have this outrage believed?,are we just the end result of a drug the makers sold us and now we are no longer profitable because we were damaged by it?,oh i bet they would want us in the limelight if the drug had proven to be the so called miracle cure they claimed it was.

GSK would like to see all the statistics like us put up and shut up,and this is why our reality of hell is denied and brushed under the carpet,why we are told this is in our heads or it is a return of origional condtition,because this way they get away with their evil little deeds and the money keeps rolling in.

GSK ,you have taken too much off me now,every part of my existance is affected by the aftermath of your dirty drug, and i am just one of thousands of people you have maimed for your own greed,maimed and then left out in the cold to feel like i no longer belong in the human race.But the word is getting out now and sufferers are pulling together to fight back,to expose the truth and the lies,to explain exactly what you have done to so many many innocent lives,so now i have to ask myself ” who are the real freaks of nature?” and my only answer is it`s you!!!! GSK.

Thursday, Feb 22 2007 

So what happens when its time to get off Seroxat or if you get the poop out effect(where the side effects outweigh any benifits)???.

For some this can be an ordeal in itself,whilst on the drug your brain has been chemically altered,your seratonin has been messed with and maybe even your dopamine too.How can this be reversed? that question still remains to be answered,for me its been 29 months since my last dose and i still have awful symptoms on a daily basis,symptoms that were not present before i started taking this defective drug.

Basically this drug has given me so many problems that have put my life on hold,i do not live anymore i exist and survive.How can any Pharma company get away with ruining so many lives? i don,t know but they sure do and then they lie about it too.

My life post Seroxat is very hard but i would,nt take the poison again knowing the dark secrets of its side effects that i know now.So what is supposed to happen now the damage is done? what if recovery never comes?is this my life now living with horrendous symptoms? these questions i cannot answer but i think they should be by the people who have put me in this position.

Hello world! Wednesday, Feb 21 2007 

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